Someone gave me some great advise before I started Spacepointe. He said “Write down the reasons you are starting this company, because there willl be a day when things will get so tough that you will question your decision. When that time comes, read your notes again. If you still feel the same way, Keep moving forward!”

Boy have those days come over and over again! Tears and sweat combined with utter exhaustion!

You will get to that tough place. Some days will feel like it is all over! Read your vision again and keep moving forward!

Sayu Abend
CEO, SpacePointe



when we talk to little kids, we tell them about all they can be if they believe and work hard!

We teach them about their imaginations and basically tell them to dream as big as they can because they can accomplish anything they set their minds to!

It gives them the strength and the grace to dream and to run as fast as they can and fly as high as they can!

Hey.. The Lord is doing the same to you! Are you listening? He sees you in the light of His finished work in you.

He sees the “You” that you were meant to be! He wants you to see it, dream it and go for it!

Any other voice that you hear other than what He is saying is a lie.

Talk to the little girl or the little boy in you and say this: “Your Daddy is God! You are Awesome! You are going to do great from here on out! It does not matter what has happend before.

It only matters what you do now! Dream it! Believe it! Walk in it!